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Inca Digital Printers, part of the SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Group, is one of the world’s leading pioneers and manufacturers of inkjet printing technology.
Setting the standard in UV inkjet flatbed printing with the Eagle and Columbia printers,Inca has an established track record of bringing ground-breaking flatbed inkjet printers to the market. The Eagle
– the world’s first wide format UV inkjet printer – was launched in 2000, followed by the high-speed Columbia Turbo and theSpyder 320 – many of which are still producing work.The revolutionary Onset series launched in 2007 has developed over the years leading to the launch of the Onset X Series in 2015 which are sold exclusively by Fujifilm.

Inca developed the mid-range Truepress Jet W3200UV printer for SCREEN GP; and the SpyderX is sold by Inca Digital through its global reseller network.

Inca’s design and manufacturing facility in Cambridge, UK, incorporates R&D, customer support, machine assembly and commissioning, a dedicated training facility and a clean room for printhead assembly and refurbishment. With approximately 25% of staff involved in R&D supported by significant investment, Inca strives to maintain its position at the forefront of machine productivity, innovation, quality and reliability.

The SpyderX is a new generation of mid-range hybrid inkjet printer designed and manufactured by Inca Digital. Utilising Inca’s in-depth knowledge of core inkjet technologies, the SpyderX incorporates several of the impressive features found on the high-end Inca Onset platform.

* High speed and high quality
Inca has a strong reputation for delivering superb printers with outstanding technology which deliver a new level of quality and speed to the wide format market.The SpyderX has been developed as a cost-effective solution for a market looking to upgrade from legacy printers, to a new generation of press that offers high quality with high throughput. With saleable quality at speeds up to 230sqm/hr and text as fine as three point, the SpyderX offers the perfect solution for companies printing small format or large format. Whether a job requires a rapid turnaround or involves a high volume of throughput, this system can handle all scenarios.

* Inca Ink
Inca Ink is an all-round UV-curable ink available for the SpyderX, offering customers a wide colour gamut, supreme adhesion and excellent flexibility. Inca Ink adheres to the most difficult substrates including Dibond, acrylic and plastics, while still offering excellent colour gamut – perfect for printing POP displays, durable graphics and banners.

* Clever features for consistent quality and productivity
The automated cleaning station and on-board maintenance scheduler help to maintain the printheads without manual operator intervention,avoiding compromising on throughput and quality. A mist extraction system further reduces nozzle clogging whilst the on-board nozzle mapping technology allowsthe machine to cope with deviated or missing nozzles without slowing down production or a loss
in quality.

* R2R System
The 3.2m wide roll-to-roll module turns the flatbed machine into one of the industry’s most versatile production-class printers, allowing it to produce high-quality UV print on both sheeted and roll-fed substrates. With a robust motion control system, and changeover time as short as walking around the machine, the addition of the R2R system converts the SpyderX flatbed machine into a truly versatile hybrid printer.

* Operator controlled UV system
The operator-controlled UV system of the SpyderX allows even the most delicate and challenging materials to be printed. The ability to alter the level of UV improves the adhesion to the most difficult substrates whilst giving the flexibility required for post processing. The 6-zone vacuum table reduces bed masking requirements for substrates thinner than 3mm which in turn shortens setup times, increasing overall machine productivity.

Designed and manufactured by Inca, the robust 3.2m wide, six-colour + white SpyderX is available as either a flatbed, or a combination flatbed/roll-fed model for handling rigid and flexible substrates.

The SpyderX is a powerful and versatile printer which can produce a wide variety of products. Using Inca Ink the printer delivers high-speed (230 sqm/hr) production with sharp, pin point accuracy.

The SpyderX builds on the heritage of Inca’s successful Spyder 320 range, the high-performance Onset platform and the innovative OnsetX Series launched in 2015.
Today almost 1000 Inca printers – all designed and manufactured at Inca’s HQ in Cambridge, UK – are in operation globally producing superb-quality graphics and POS materials.

Inca works hard to maintain its reputation which means constantly measuring the performance of both the Inca printers in the field and the engineers supporting our customers. We are very proud that Inca printers achieve outstanding uptime availability.

A major contributor to such performance is Inca Vision, a software-based customer support service unique to Inca Digital and developed to ensure that operators implement regular preventative and corrective maintenance. Inca Vision lets Inca remotely and regularly monitor and diagnose printers in the field, conducting diagnostics to determine how well they are performing and sometimes even before the customers have a problem, decide whether there is a need for engineering support.

Dashboards used by the Inca Digital Support Team provide a view of high-level data across machines throughout the world. A RAG (red, amber, green) screen allows the support team to identify and
prioritise the printers needing urgent attention. The team also supports distributors and provides back-up technical data should serious machine issues arise in their regions.

Inca Digital has developed the SpyderX wide-format inkjet printer to deliver the ultimate in all-round performance and flexibility required for graphics printing.


SpyderX SpyderX R2R

Summary Six-colour +WW, wide-format, Six-colour +WW, wide-format, flatbed inkjet flatbed inkjet printer printer with integrated roll to roll system

Maximum media size & image area (WxL) Maximum print run (multiple queues) 100m 1,600mm x 3,200mm (62.9in x 125.9in) 3200mm x 10000mm (126in x 196.9in)

Media thickness 0.1-50mm (1.9in) Flatbed: 0.1-50mm (1.9in)

Roll to Roll 0.1-0.5mm

Roll dimensions n/a Min. width: 750 mm (29.5in)

Shaft Diameter: 76.2mm (3in)

Max Roll Diameter: 250mm (9.8in)

Max mass (inc core): 150kg


Printhead & max resolution Piezo & 600dpi (apparent 1,000dpi)

Ink Inca Ink

Colours CMYKLcLmWW

Dimensions (WxDxH) 6,200 x 2,400 x 1,700mm 6,200 x 3,680 x 1,700mm (244.1in x 94.5in x 67in) (244.1in x 145in x 67in)

Weight 3,500 kg (7,716 lb) 5,000 kg (11,020 lb)

Power requirement Single phase 180 to 250 V, 50/60 Hz, 30 A Three phase 380 to 480 V, 50/60 Hz, 30 A

Compressed air 7 bar, 0.35 m3/min (normal),

requirement ISO8573.1:Class 1.4.1

Operating environment 20 to 30¡C (68 to 86¡F)

temperature Operating environment 45 to 80% RH

humidity Recommended network 1000 Base-T, minimum 100 Base-T


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