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The New Onset X Series

Now Inca raises the bar again with the ground-breaking new Onset X Series. Onset X takes the Scalable Architecture concept of future-proof technology even further to provide print service providers with the most complete range of high-quality, high-performance large-format UV printers on the market. See the Onset X Guide for detailed information.

Onset X is the result of in-depth consultation with large-format print producers of all sizes and working in all sectors. When we asked them what were the most important factors influencing their choice of printer, freedom and security came top of the list. Freedom, because in fast-moving businesses like POS and signage, it’s vital to be able to adapt quickly to change and explore potential opportunities as they arise. Security, because producers want a printer that not only meets their needs today but can respond to what’s around the corner.

onsetIn a nutshell, they don’t want to be forced to compromise by choosing between quality and productivity. In an ideal world, they want the choice of printer to be the simplest decision they make – because wherever they take the business, they know the printer will continue to provide the productivity and quality that’s right for

One platform, infinite potential

The Onset X1, Onset X2 and Onset X3 enable print service providers to produce the widest spectrum of POS graphics, from everyday signage to the
highest-quality backlit displays for demanding markets such as cosmetics and luxury consumer good.

Onset X provides a single-platform, scalable solution that users can configure just as they wish to provide exactly the combination of speed and/or colours they need. They can start out with the Onset X1 and – as the business develops – upgrade first to the Onset X2 and eventually to the top-of-the-range Onset X3.

Unique 14-channel potential

Key to this flexibility – and unique among high-end large-format flatbed printers – is the 14-channel design of every Onset X. This means that, for example, an eight-channel Onset X1, with one set of CMYK plus LmLcWO, can be fitted with an additional six-channel carriage to become the Onset X2 (adding a second set of CMYK) then transformed again into a top-of-the-range Onset X3 (3 x CMYK plus W or O). And because Inca has engineered modularity into the new platform, upgrades can be carried out at customers’ sites and completed in a few days, minimising downtime


As the business expands, Onset X2 provides the capacity to extend the range of jobs companies can handle. The addition of a second set of CMYK delivers even higher productivity – up to 725m²/hr (145 beds/hr) – while an optional six LcLmWO channels can be populated to add versatility and superb quality. A choice of uni- directional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements.

Product Description
  • Maximum Substrate Size: 3.22m x 1.6m (126.8″ x 63″)
  • Maximum Substrate Thickness: 50mm (2″) in manual mode, 18mm (0.7″) using automation
  • Maximum substrate weight: 80 kg in manual mode, 10 kg using automation
  • Print Area: 3.22m x 1.6m (126.8″ x 63″)
  • Operator Console with Monitor
  • Load/unload Options
  • 2 x UV Curing Lamps
  • Uni-directional and Bi-directional Print Capability


Download the pdf with all the features and functionality of the machine.

Onset X2

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