Onset S50



The Onset S50i is an eight-channel printer that provides an impeccable balance between speed and quality, allowing a wide variety of jobs from high-impact graphics to complex retail POP displays.

Featuring a 2 x CMYK print engine together with a 27 picolitre drop size, the Onset S50i has a maximum real throughput of up to 725 m2/hr or 145 full beds per hour using a satin bi-directional mode together with automation.

  • Fast Setup Times: The zoned vacuum table reduces bed masking requirements, which shortens setup times and increases overall output.
  • Productivity: Innovative UV sensors continually monitor the machine condition and automatically inform the operator when cleaning is required. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type and volume of work, so unnecessary maintenance is avoided and productivity is increased.
  • Reliability: Sophisticated mechanical substrate height detectors deliver improved accuracy and reliability to help protect both the substrate and the printheads.
  • Ease of Use: The addition of a ‘machine setup files’ function allows a huge number of job setting variables to be captured and reloaded again and again, enabling machine operators to change quickly between jobs.
  • Automation: A variety of automation options are available to optimise throughput/productivity.


  • Maximum Substrate Size: 3.22m x 1.6m (126.8″ x 63″)
  • Maximum Substrate Thickness: 50mm (2″) in manual mode, 18mm (0.7″) using automation
  • Maximum substrate weight: 80 kg in manual mode, 10 kg using automation
  • Print Area: 3.22m x 1.6m (126.8″ x 63″)
  • Operator Console with Monitor
  • Load/unload Options
  • 2 x UV Curing Lamps
  • Uni-directional and Bi-directional Print Capability


Download the pdf with all the features and functionality of the machine.

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