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Digital Hires will show the eco-solvent printer Colorjet Polo HQ at Graphispag 2019  

Digital Hires is a spanish company, with more than 25 years of experience, in the digital printing sector. Last year 2018, the Indian priters ColorJet, textiles, UV & eco-solvent, were added to their distibution catalog. Within this last sector, Digital HiRes wil present, during Graphispag 2019, the new industrial machine Polo HQ.

Polo HQ is designed designed to provide speed and quality. At a speed of 209 m2/hr. POLO HQ displays quality print for mass production supported by IR based effective evaporative drying system to meet the high volume requirement. The 3.2 mtr roll-to-roll eco-solvent printer based on industrial grade jetting assembly ensures accuracy at high speed. The environment-friendly POLO HQ is built on heavy duty structure made with high mechanical precision standard to meet the growing requirement of those who want speed with quality.


Polo HQ is highly eco-friendly and is based on Colorjet’s GreenTech. GreenTech was born out of Colorjet’s commitment to printing solutions in the eco friendly green printing domain. GreenTech is powered by Colorjet’s unique GreenTech printing technology that enables printing with environment friendly eco solvent inks. GreenTech ensures low chemical emissions to reduce environmental and health hazards. GreenTech eliminates harmful cyclohaexanone and uses non volatile organic compounds(NVOCs) for print results that are water resistant, fade resistant, media independent and UV safe in addition to being more environment friendly. GreenTech works towards complete solutions that adequately successfully address human, environment, and commercial issue. ColorJet India Ltd, India’s only manufacturer and biggest Indian marketer of digital fabric printers has reinforced its No. 1 position by winning the ‘TV100 Industrial Excellence Award 2018’ in the ‘Largest Manufacturer of Digital Textile Printers in India’ category.

Revolution in textile printing by Colorjet


TXF, printing on fabric

“TXF is the ideal machine to produce quality printings” explains the company. Maximum creativity with mínimum space occupied to created unique designs that would be difficult to copy on other printers. 1,6 m printed width & infrared heaters,this eco-friendly printer stands out for its high quality and speed. With precision inkjet print head, supports binary drop or variable drop printing to produce Sharp images, vivid colours and greyscales effects.

The machine has fabric feed tensión & supply is optimised by adjustable defection roller. A adhesive conveyor belt keep fabric flat and in place for accurate printing and prevent crease formation in fabric while printing. Equipped with wáter jets & brush roller to wash excess ink and lint. Fabrics up to 5mm thickness, as cotton, cellulosia, polyester, polyamide, silk, wood…


SOFTJET GRAND, the 3.2 mtrs wide printer is the perfect solution, completely in-sync with the diverse requirements of today’s well-developed market. An industrial soft signage printer that combines digital advantages, efficiently optimised to replace PVC-based media completely. It easily prints on polyester-based fabrics which can be recycled and uses environment-friendly aqueous based inks. Softjet Grand is most suitable for a large range of soft signage applications, such as banners, displays, wall decorations, signage, parasols, flags, backdrops and outdoor advertisements.



Digital Hires also supplies digital treatment of images and printing systems for the printing and audiovisual industry in Spain and Portugal. Digital Hires is oficial technical assistance for all the Onset machines, manufactured by Inca in Cambridge, for Spain & Portugal during more than 15 years, and dealer of the models Spyder X & OnsetM. Indeed dealing the software Print Factory for printing solutions & the NSK Zero large format machine, for finished.  The company restore, sell and install old Inca models of large format digital printing through their own Digital Revivel Center.


18 March, 2019

Digital Hires will show the eco-solvent printer Colorjet Polo HQ at Graphispag 2019

Digital Hires will show the eco-solvent printer Colorjet Polo HQ at Graphispag 2019   Digital Hires is a spanish company, with more than 25 years of […]